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Trinkets, Sundries, & Curios for the Modern - Day Kook

In the hustle & bustle of our hectic modern lives, we rarely take a moment to stop & breathe and give ourselves the time & attention we deserve. Sometimes all you need is a few minutes a day where you can completely be yourself in your own comfortable space, that’s personalised & cosy just for you. 

We have some perfect additions that will spark joy & bring a touch of wonder to any Kooks special little hidey-hole- browse through our featured crochet homewares collection & see old world meet new world charm to keep you feeling snuggly for days!

Our Philosophy

At Kook Village, we have a passion for the quirky, unique & wonderous!
Every piece we bring to you is an exceptionally crafted Aussie handmade & designed creation produced with love, supporting rural Australian families throughout COVID-19. Our Makers provide quality goods for your home & lifestyle, with an eye for the peculiar & eccentricOur online store is truly a place for discovering extraordinary décor & outlandish home accessories. 

We see ourselves as Aussie Eco-Warriors and are conscious to minimise our environmental impact – we only use packaging from sustainable sources, & always biodegradable and recyclable too. Our materials are Australian made & ethically sourced- supporting Aussie companies. Nostalgia is part of village life and a lot of our pieces are vintage-inspired with original castings often taken from antique, retro, & second-hand pieces, rehoming the old & giving them new life! We support both local & international charities with a percentage of all proceeds going towards helping where we can.


Our customers can always expect the unexpected! We are fun, individual, and know how to add personality & spice to your home.  Browse through our site now and see all that we have to offer!

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