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‘Save A Turtle’ Stainless Steel EcoStraw Reusable Set


Do the planet, the turtles, & yourself a huge favour & grab one of our Eco Reusable Straw sets! These turtle-savers are made of stainless steel and the pack includes not 1 but 3 straws so you can change it up depending on your particular straw needs of the day, plus they come with a handy cleaning brush to keep them spic & span AND they also have a beautiful eco friendly carry bag made from sustainable wood pulp and sourced in Australia! Did you know that if you save a turtle that all your wildest dreams will come true?! And to make them even more exciting, these beauties are FREE with any purchase for a limited time!



  • Australian sourced materials
  • Includes 3x stainless steel straws, 1x straw cleaning brush, 1x eco carry bag
  • Straw sizes: Large- 21.5cm L x 1cm W; Straight- 21.5cm L x 0.5cm W; Bent- 21.5cm L x 0.5cm W
  • Carry bag made from sustainable wood pulp- length 25cm
  • Approx. weight for set 55g
  • Please ensure you clean & dry your straw set after each use for maximum product life


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