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Purple Multi-Colour Stripe Square Crochet Cushion


A vibrant & quirky addition to bring some much needed colour to your favourite kooks room! This one-of-a-kind handmade cushion is super soft & cosy and perfect for lounging at home or in the van. And did you know that purple is the colour of royalty? It’s true- purple featured in the Roman & Byzantine Empires, and is currently used for Royals-Only in Thailand, Dominica & Nicaragua. Give your guests the royal treatment with this one!



  • Handmade in Australia using Aussie sourced materials
  • Crochet multi-colour stripe detail on front- purple, yellow, pink colours
  • Plain colour purple crochet back- reverse the side for your mood of the day
  • Outer: 80% Ethically Sourced Wool woven with 20% Polyester Fiber
  • Inner: Vegan 100% polyester filling
  • Measures: 42cm x 42cm x 15cm; Weight ~850g
  • See FAQ for cleaning/storage info
Weight 900 g
Dimensions 42 × 42 × 15 m


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